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Timmy came to us on friday, after coming from Bexhill and Hastings Wildlife Sanctuary and Rescue .

Timmy has had a really tough time , his owner passed away in october and since then he has been on the streets desperately trying to get back into his old home. Neighbours were feeding him but alas he wouldn't let anyone near .

It turns out that Timmy was tormented by children when he was younger and his owner had rescued him after he was inside a shed that was set on fire maliciously.

One of the people feeding Timmy eventually managed to gain his trust and he was taken to Chris.

As Timmy had been on the streets for 6 months his health had started to decline, he had weepy eyes, a damaged front paw , needed dental treatment and had to be nuetered this was all paid for by the rescue .

It was also discovered that Timmy is FIV+ there is so much misinformation and misunderstanding over FIV even in this day and age that in the wrong hands it would have meant certain death for him , luckily for Timmy he went to Chris , who has looked after him until he could be found a place , I heard about Timmys plight and offered him a home , he can feel safe here and regain his confidence which at the moment is on the floor .

When you look into Timmys eyes you can see he has shutdown this boy has hit rock bottom , he's lost his friend ,his home and nearly his life.

We have to show Timmy that this is a new start for him he has new friends and a new home , he will have complete freedom here and of course lots of love its onwards and upwards for this lovely boy .

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