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Harry & Ru

This is the information given to us by the lady who rescued them and brought them down to us.

These two boys have come from London where they were in a colony. They had taken to wall top territories so managed not to be shot or sprayed with the chemicals which burned the eyes of many adult cats in the area.
Harry (black and white, l/h,) has had all of his matted fur cut away with sore skin cleaned up. Ru (black s/h) had a flu like virus with secondary bacterial infection involving his eyes, nose and chest, aswell as an abcess... (he was at death's door.)

They are both adults under 7 years old.

Now both cats are perfect gentlemen with other cats but frightened of people. Harry is terrified. He hides, won't make eye contact and he trembles if you only look at him. Ru was super aggressive towards people at first but has calmed down to the level of just hissing and spitting when he starts to feel hungry.

These two boys came to us on the 23/4/2016 and we will keep you updated on their progress.

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