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Claude Van Lamb

Claude Van Lamb was found in a field on his own when he was three weeks old his mum had abandoned him as he had somehow sustained an injury and couldn't keep up with her. We took Claude on as his future looked very bleak he was unable to walk or stand for more than a couple of minuets. The vets did x-rays and these showed his shoulder was smashed beyond repair , they said amputation was the only option but we were worried he wouldn't cope So we decided to do exercises to build his strength up this went on everyday and gradually he started to use his leg and support himself. At each of his check-ups the vets were amazed at his progress and now he is out of the woods ,he has a slight limp but other than that he s fine. As he grew up with the our dogs he thinks he is one too and loves to run with them they are his best friends at the sanctuary, Claude is one very special lamb and we are very proud of him.

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