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Well we didn't get an Easter bunny but we did get an Easter goat . We had a call this morning from a lovely lady that was looking after her friends animals whilst she was on holiday. Her goat had a kid before she went away and everything was fine until this morning when very sadly mummy goat died this left her goat kid very upset and very hungry the lady looking after them couldn't get him to drink any milk so she contacted us to help and so here he is. Being a bank holiday there was nowhere to get some milk powder so we called on our fabulous friend Judy kilduff and she came to the rescue with a bag of milk and with a little persuasion he is now drinking and feeling a lot better . This lovely little rascal has taken over already I'm sure it's not normal to have a goat on your sofa watching tv but he seems happy and that's what counts .His owner is back at the weekend and so we have a week of fostering and trying not to fall in love with him (oh we already have) !!!

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