Welcome to Hollyview

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Welcome to Hollyview

At Hollyview Animal Sanctuary we strive to give care and a forever home to all theanimals that we can.

We are often the last chance for many of these animals, who may have been passed around between rescue centres who have been unable to rehome them.

As such we are NOT a rehoming centre, we are predominantly a sanctuary, a permanent home for animals that cannot find one anywhere else and we rely 100% on the donations that we receive from you.

We are not a big charity or income-based animal centre,
we are just two dedicated animal-lovers who had a dream to offer a lifeline to those that need it the most.

So, please help us to help them if you can.
198 hungry mouths to feed Will you help? £5.00 will feed Boulder for the week... Support us today
 If you have any questions please call us on 07980 380 601 or email info@hollyviewanimalsanctuary.co.uk

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