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Welcome to Hollyview Animal Sanctuary

At Hollyview Animal Sanctuary we aim to give care and a forever home to all the animals we can.
We are not a big charity or an income-based animal centre, we are just two dedicated animal lovers who had a dream to offer a simple loving home to those who need it. 
Since our dream began, we have grown to having over 170 animals at our sanctuary and our family is ever growing. We don’t single out types of animals we save, we just save who we can. We don’t have benefactors or piles of money, we are both still working while loving and looking after our ever-growing menagerie.
We do rehome animals where we can but often those that come to us, have come from such difficult and abused backgrounds, we simply could not rehome them into domestic life. So instead we integrate them into our pack and they live a free life with all the care and love they need.
Our sanctuary is not open to the public as we are both still working and we have some animals that must be protected, we call this our 'witness protection programme' and unfortunately you won’t be able to meet these animals on our webpage for their safety but we have put as many of our family as we can on our webpage for you to meet and learn about.
We do also have a rehoming centre where any of the cats we rescue that have previously been domesticated are available for you to view and fall in love with. If you are looking to give one of our furry friends a forever home then please check out the rehoming centre page.
To help us save more animals and give them their forever homes we need your help! Please look at our donate page, even a small amount or a bag of cat litter can help.

THANKYOU for visiting our page!

Claire, Jill and all the pack

Meet Our Family

We are very proud and honoured to show you all our animals that allow us to live with them


Please take a look, you may just find your forever friend


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