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Star was rescued by Colchester Caring for Cats. Little Star has had a terrible life, I wont go into to many details but it is truely sickening to think what she has been through.

This is what her rescuers wrote about her;

'Star came to us in December last year a broken cat. Our vets, Paws Colchester Veterinary Centre had been contacted to put her to sleep as her owner claimed she had bitten his daughter, the vets firmly refused to end the life of this young healthy cat'

Colchester Caring for Cats felt with her fear of humans, rehoming her would be almost impossible and so we were contacted. We collected her from her owner who refused to let us in the house and handed her to us sitting in her cat carrier, where she had been for the previous 2 days. She had been denied access to a litter tray, water or food during this time and was in a terrible state. It took weeks before we could even put food down for her without her terror developing into aggression. To this day, we have never seen a cat so terrified. Since Star arrived she has started to learn humans don't equal pain and hurt. Her trust is beginning to return, it's hard to believe she is still the same cat.

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