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The Thumperdome

The Thumperdome is a long-term project we have been working on and Jill's favourite. She does love her bunnies!

We have built an indoor and outdoor sanctuary for our bunnies but there is always more work to do. The rabbits have an acre of their own land outside with a safe and warm inside home for when its cold and damp. 

They have 4 poster beds of their own and hand designed hutches which are permanently open. Jill has one rule with the bunnies and that’s never lock them up, she is staunchly against this. So she has built safe inside, outside, underground and over ground home for them to roam. The only area locked up is the perimeter to ensure they are safe from foxes and wild animals alike.

This year we are looking to do some more improvements to the Thumperdome and extend some of the closed paddocks to allow us to offer more bunnies a safe place to live.

We would appreciate your help in 2020 to improve the Thumperdome so any donations would be greatly appreciated.

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