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The Avery

We have always had a small Avery for the occasional bird that we had join us but this Christmas we have had the addition of 42 Budgies come to live with us. All beautiful birds that needed a suitable place to live. 

We are therefore now needing to extend the Avery and have started work on this immediately. The current Avery is small but is managing for now. We have laid the paving stones to start extending and doubling the size of the Avery, as you can see from the pictures below the idea is to transform the old shed and paved area into a replica of what we already have which would allow the Budgies the space they need. 

This is a mammoth task for us that we were not expecting to undertake so quickly but one we will focus on in the early part of 2020, hopefully completed by spring. Again, any help you can offer with both equipment or donations would be greatly appreciated and received.


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